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Dunelm Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Lifetime Guarantee is designed to take all the worry out of buying a used vehicle.  First each vehicle is carefully selected, we then spend ten hours meticulously preparing each car before being offered for sale with a Dunelm Lifetime Guarantee.  The Guarantee is designed to protect you against unexpected costs and give you reassurance and peace of mind long after you've taken delivery of your vehicle.

Below, we list some frequently asked questions that give you an insight into our unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee.  If you can't find the answer to your questions here, contact us or call into our showroom for a chat!


1. How much is a Lifetime Guarantee?

Prices start from £691.

2. Which make and models does the Lifetime Guarantee apply to?

3. What is actually covered?

4. Exactly how long is the Lifetime Guarantee?

5. Are there any mileage restrictions or service implications?

6. Do I need to have my car serviced by Dunelm?

7. Does the guarantee cover parts and labour?

8. I am a taxi driver, can I have a Lifetime Guarantee?

9. Would you recommend I buy a Lifetime Guarantee even if the car I'm looking to buy still has part of the manufactures warranty remaining?

10. Can I transfer the guarantee to the next owner when I sell my car?

11. Would the guarantee not have been better if it was transferable?

12. In which countries is my car covered?

13. I live miles away from your garage, can I take my car to another garage to be repaired under guarantee?

14. What is the acceptance rate for claims made?  

15. Who owns Dunelm Lifetime Guarantee and who will pay the claims?

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